Man Masterpieces

Creations of refined elegance that interpret attention to detail as a way of being.

An extremely refined and sophisticated set of cufflinks, an expression of Maison J’OR craftsmanship.

Cufflinks Rubellite

Class into action
Timeless Moment for refined gentleman

Cufflinks in 18 kt white gold, cabochon rubellite, emeralds and diamonds

18 kt white gold

Cabochon Rubellite ct. 16.03

Emeralds ct. 0.96

Natural diamonds ct. 0.91

New Moon Cufflinks 

18 kt white gold

Blue diamonds ct. 4.12

Rubies ct. 1.67

N° 2 Natural diamonds ct. 0.80

Cufflinks Tanzanite

The geography of beauty is made of enchanting places and colors, green, blue, and red, the colors of the world. Impeccable gems. Pure class.

Cufflinks in 18 kt white gold, tanzanite tzavorites and rubies

Tanzanites ct. 6.48

Tsavoriti ct. 2.24

Rubies ct. 0.42

Gold Cufflinks Onyx

What is character if not a point of light that reveals your nature without compromises?

Cufflinks in 18 kt rose gold, multicolored sapphires and onyx

Orange sapphires ct. 2.58

Onyx cutout

Cufflinks – Mother of Pearl

Timeless, placeless, this magic captures every thought about beauty to carry it along.

18 kt rose gold diamonds and mother of pearl

Natural diamonds ct. 2.36

Mother of pearl cutout

Pavé Cufflinks

A sky of stars enclosed in a cufflink
A perfect miniature of vibrant light, in 18 kt white gold and diamonds, created to express the essence of the modern man who knows how to live with style and character with effortless elegance.

Natural diamonds ct. 4.14

Bon Bon Cufflinks

Elegance is a choice of absolute personality. Undeniable, uncompromising, tanzanite, diamonds, and mother-of-pearl define the class of these unique cufflinks.

18 kt white gold, tanzanite, diamonds, mother of pearl

Natural diamonds ct. 0.45

Tanzanites ct. 7.91

Mother of pearl cutout

Whale Cufflinks

Whale Cufflinks It’s emotions that make our life unique.

18 kt white gold

Natural diamonds ct. 0.16

Blue sapphires ct. 0.69

Mather of pearl cutout

Dolphin Cufflinks

Dolphin Cufflinks Elegance is a gesture that radiates personality.

18 kt white gold.

Natural diamonds ct. 0.36

Gray mother of pearl cutout