Masterpieces Woman

Gothica Collection

Magnetic attraction, elegance, and seduction

The enchanting power of the lines and colors of Italian Gothic art narrated through astonishing stones and an extraordinary artisan technique.

The geometries express a high degree of technical difficulty, a characteristic of the entire High Jewelry collection of the maison.

Comprising a choker necklace in rose gold, diamonds, kunzite with a stunning pinkish-purple color, and grey mother-of-pearl cutouts crafted entirely by hand, along with a ring and earrings.

Lilium Collection

Let yourself be amazed!

The irresistible purity of spring expressed through the elegance of a captivating design that gracefully enhances extraordinary stones, illuminating every woman’s passion for discovery and adventure.

An invitation to surprise oneself and others by daring more than one has already done.

Comprising a necklace, earrings, ring in rose gold, pink sapphires, orange sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and mother-of-pearl cutout.


Lilium Carbon Collection

Mystery and Wonder 

This creation is an invitation to unveil an enigma, to discover how my-sterious and fascinating a woman’s days can be. 

An enchanting combi-nation of earrings and a ring that reveals a different meaning each time. 

Talismans, guardians of gestures and words, these are jewels that tran-sform into genuine surprises. 

A universe of unexpected metamorphoses where the visible meets the invisible, captured by surprising chromatic combinations.
Comprising earrings and a ring in white gold, diamonds, and carbon fiber inserts.

foto collezioni Twist

Collection Twist.
A tribute to the fluid beauty of life.

The exceptional Savoir Faire of the Maison is expressed in an explosion of vibrant hues that caress the neck, enhance the face, and the personality of those who wear them with unparalleled elegance and refined delicacy.

Comprising a necklace, earrings, and a white gold ring, with diamonds, black diamonds, green Tourmaline, Malachite and Onyx cutout. Custom-cut.

Scarlet Kiss Collection.
Only poetry and color could create this magnificent hymn to beauty.

A song of light, pure energy that shines upon you. Comprising a necklace and a rose gold ring, with diamonds, rubellite, and mother-of-pearl cutout. Custom-cut.

Fluid Collection

When Charm Is Blue

The elegance and harmony of beauty flow through illuminated gestures of blue, a sea of sensations, personal and distinctive moments of irresistible imagination that guide us towards days of surprising zest for life.

Comprising a spring bracelet and ring in white gold, diamonds, and blue shaded titanium.

foto collezione REGINA VIARUM maisonjor

Earrings Regina Viarum

Magical charm, magnetic power

The essence of the spirit of the time captured by the audacity of novelty and the singular cut of these important earrings. 

Inspired by the great women of antiquity, they express the transformative power of feminine charm faithful only to itself. 

A perfect balance between grace and strength that celebrates the female ability to move decisively towards her new incredible achievements.

Pink gold
Diamonds ct. 2.46
RubellitI ct. 19.88
Emeralds ct. 117.31


Green Eyes Collection.

Plunging into the embrace of a sea of green light and reflections, this is the vibrant
sensation that the beauty of these jewels evokes.

A enveloping light that emeralds and diamonds convey with warmth and character through the typical elegance of the Maison and its unparalleled savoir-faire. Elegance and refined delicacy accompany the Collection composed of a white gold ring, pear-cut diamonds, and emerald cutout.

Foliage Ring

Each stone is an invitation to explore new territories

A sparkling expression of emotions and character, the ring fully reflects the magic of its stones.

It is a tribute to audacity, elegance, and the uniqueness of each individual gem, enhancing their colors and nuances, highlighting the sophistication of their facets.

A High Jewelry creation that sublimates the extraordinary technical savoir-faire, allowing the Maison to enhance the innate beauty of precious stones.

Rose gold ring, orange sapphires, amethyst cutout, green tourmaline.

Orange sapphires ct. 5.55
Amethyst cutout ct. 1.81
Green tourmaline ct. 8.08

Ailanthus Collection.

With joyful elegance, with a refined leaf shape.

This spectacular Collection presents a bracelet and earrings, a unique design incorporating diamonds and sapphires set in blue titanium.

Harem Collection

An emotion from a thousand and one nights.

An exercise in pure beauty, thanks to the magical iridescent effect of mother-of-pearl, enhancing the absolute star of this astonishing creation: the Tanzanite gem, a testament to the refined craftsmanship of Maison J’OR.

Merletto Collection

The strength and passion in a ring.

Only the craftsmanship typical of Maison J’OR could interpret such a sensually handcrafted masterpiece of light and color, expressing all the elegance and sophistication of exceptional gemstones.

Morgana Collection

A magic, a reflection of poetry

What is magic if not a reflection of poetry, a delicate and surprising dream of soft
colors that uplift the soul and spirit. Morgana is a thoughtful emotion of undeniable,
elegant, refined, way of being. A promise of pure charm revolving around a magnificent morganite stone. The collection consists of a ring and earrings in rose gold, morganite,
orange sapphires, and diamonds.

Intrigo ring

The irresistible allure of personality.

Seduction, character, passion, mystery, and a ring to unite them all.
One finger to wear it, one hand to display it, and a resolute personality to experience it. This is true charm, the power of a stone, the Umbalite Garnet holds a secret that it reveals in its reflections only to those who wear it. 18 kt rose gold ring with with Umbalite Garnet, diamonds, and gray mother-of-pearl.

Umbalite Garnet ct. 6.89
Diamonds ct. 1.85
Gray mother of pearl cutout

Spargi ring

The Ring of Light.

A ring that symbolizes a journey towards the freedom to be, the joy of expressing one’s world filled with personal sensations. A journey into emotion accompanied by precious and beautiful gems. A masterful creation, a ring of light that tells a bold story of an elegant
approach to life. White gold ring with Colombian Emerald, pear-cut diamonds, and blue diamonds.

Colombian emerald ct. 4.00
Diamonds ct. 3.26
Blue diamonds ct. 3.15

Chlorophyll Ring

A Cosmic Soul.

A ring that encapsulates a world, a breath, a green feeling.

It’s impossible not to gaze at it without getting lost in the embrace of its stones; the amethyst is a lake, and the tsavorites are the spirit of plants that change the energy.

A ring that, when worn, grows stronger, unlocking special experiences and incredible sensations.

It contains a cosmic soul in all its essence. 18 kt white gold ring with amethyst and tsavorites.

Amethyst ct. 30.39
Tsavoriti ct. 6.22

Embrace Ring

An ode to the Heritage of stones, their splendor, and authentic mystery.

An enveloping embrace of light and color, gold and titanium. A perfect blend of technique and imagination in a captivating expression of timeless elegance. 

In this ring lies the essence of the exceptional savoir-faire of the Maison’s master artisans. We are face to face with the pure pleasure of light turning into attraction and translating into unforgettable moments, unmissable experiences. Oval tanzanite, blue sapphires, diamonds, titanium.

Tanzanite ct. 7.63
Diamonds ct. 2.16
Blue sapphires ct. 2.25 

Neptune Bracelet

An emblematic piece of jewelry, inspired by a powerful heritage, the god of the sea.

The jewel celebrates his extraordinary strength in a dreamlike and metaphorical way.

A grand bracelet enhanced by the richness and beauty of Tanzanite magnified by the brilliance of diamonds that lend their charm to the creative genius of the masterful production of the Maison. 18kt white gold bracelet with Tanzanite cabochons and diamonds.

Tanzanite ct. 23.47
Diamonds ct. 4.64