Color Titanium Collection

The Dynamics of Luxury

With refined craftsmanship, the Maison presents this titanium collection as an expression of courage and innovative capability. It’s a dynamic, almost effortless proposition of
luxury, enriched by gold and diamonds delicately placed on sophisticated color tones. These are jewelry pieces with a stylish, contemporary, and joyful wearability.

Universo collection

A constellation of light inspired by Maison J’OR’s devotion to the stars and diamonds.

Blue and gray titanium rings and earrings that translate the hypnotic beauty of the universe into harmonious and luminous jewels.

Reverso Collection

The limitation of time, the reasons for the past, the attention to the purest forms of energy: love.

These hearts are an example of the lightness and poetics of Maison J’OR, the shape elegant of these rings are proposed as the sincere declination of a feeling which is also a way of living life

Trame di luce Collection

Fascinating creativity for an unmistakable icon of the Maison J’OR style. Titanium earrings with a dynamic and sparkling expression of modernity that captures precious moments of light and celebrates the extraordinary connection between technique and elegance.

Ailanto Collection

The great attraction of minimal appearences.

These incredible leaves of gold, diamonds, and sapphires seem to be carried by the wind, lightly settling on the skin to enhance a restrained elegance of undeniable charm.